Working groups


The various working groups of Photonics Austria combine expertise, experience and commitment of the members in selected focus areas. The goal of each working group is to bring together key players of individual fields in small groups to develop future-oriented ideas and projects. Each working group independently addresses current issues related to education and training in photonics, green aspects of lighting technologies as well as lasers in industry and production technology.

This enables a more efficient use of the flexible Photonics Austria network and offers fast coorperation within the platform. 


With the increasing importance of photonics in business and industry, the need for excellently trained specialists with a photonic background is also growing. The working group »Education« of Photonics Austria supports and launches initiatives with the aim to meet this demand.

Topics range from events where kids and teenagers have the opportunity to get a first glimpse at the exciting technology of photonics but also lectures and workshops for universities and education for adults.


With regard to the climate change, scarcity of resources, environmental pollution etc., a sustainable or “green” development of our society is more relevant than ever. In the field of photonics we are also aware of these difficulties and want to make a decisive contribution.

Therefore, the first aspired goal of the Photonics for a Green Society WG is to prepare information and facts reflecting the qualifications of photonics to achieve efficiency and responsible progress.


The mission of ALPIN (Austrian Laser Production Innovation Network) is to create a cooperation network between R&D institutions and industry in the field of laser production technology. This intends to strengthen the Austrian economy and create improved framework conditions for R&D facilities.

ALPIN offers a central contact point for finding the right partnerships and eases the access to the Austrian infrastructure and competence in the field.


The QUANTUM working group is committed to strengthening the European quantum industry with a focus on photonic technologies.

To this end, the networking of relevant companies & research institutions shall be promoted, thereby establishing the basis for a competitive European industry for quantum technology. In general, the European quantum industry shall be considered as a prime example for an innovative, dynamic and future-oriented network.