Working group

The Mission

The mission of ALPIN (Austrian Laser Production Innovation Network) is to create a cooperation network between R&D institutions and industry in the field of laser production technology. This intends to strengthen the Austrian economy and create improved framework conditions for R&D facilities.
ALPIN offers a central contact point for finding the right partnerships and eases the access to the Austrian infrastructure and competence in the field.
ALPIN is also active in the field of education and training and regularly offers seminars on various topics of laser production technology. Current dates can be found in the calendar of events.

Shaping the future

The working group ALPIN is open to all who want to promote laser production technology in Austria through their active participation and who have competences and infrastructure that can be used in cooperation projects.

ALPIN meets several times a year. The corresponding dates can be found in the calendar of events.

The core group of ALPIN currently consists of the following R&D service providers:



FH OÖ Wels

FH Vorarlberg





TU Graz

TU Wien

Our offers

The competences within the ALPIN core group are diverse and the ALPIN core group has an extensive infrastructure in the field of laser production technology. A competence map created by ALPIN summarizes more than 100 Austrian players and their respective areas of competence.




Prof. Andreas Otto

Tel.: +43 1 58801 311622

Institute for Production Engineering and High Power Laser Technology

TU Wien