Working group

The Mission

The QUANTUM working group is committed to strengthening the European quantum industry with a focus on photonic technologies.

To this end, the networking of relevant companies & research institutions shall be promoted, thereby establishing the basis for a competitive European industry for quantum technology. In general, the European quantum industry shall be considered as a prime example for an innovative, dynamic and future-oriented network. 

Additionally, steps shall be taken by the QUANTUM working group to increase the visibility of quantum technology, to underline its relevance and to show its potentials. 

Shaping the future

QUANTUM is an innovative working group, which is currently being ministered by the following institutions:

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology


University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien





TU Wien



The main goal of this working group, which is in the process of being set up, is to promote innovation in quantum technology. Specifically, the goals are

  • to coordinate Austrian quantum activities and to link companies located in this industry
  • to organize events to provide information on quantum technologies
  • to screen funding in the field of quantum technologies
  • to strengthen Austria’s position in the European and international environment
  • to consolidate and expand Europe’s scientific leadership and excellence

In addition, research in the fields of communication, sensors, simulators and computers will be funded. In order to be able to realize these developments, excellent, transformative and innovative basic research will be supported. 

The new QUANTUM working group is intended to mobilize players in quantum research and help new technologies to achieve breakthroughs.

Prof. Mag. rer. nat. Gregor Weihs, PhD

Tel.: +43 512 507-52550

Mail: Gregor.weihs@uibk.ac.at

Institute of Experimental Physics

Innsbruck University of Technology