Photonics 4 industrial production


Date: Oct. 29th 2018, 13:00-18:00
Vienna, Marriott Courtyard, Prater, Raum Krieau 1+2
Organisation by Photonics Austria in cooperation with Plattform Industrie 4.0
This workshop is free of charge. 


  • Lectures (Technology provider and End user from science and industry), ca. 20 min. per lecture
    (list of speakers is following)

  • Panel discussion incl. audience

  • Networking 




Photonics is a key enabling technology for modern industrial processes and intelligent manufacturing. By providing intelligence and interconnection, Photonics is enabling both in the development of innovative production processes and in the design of highly efficient and adaptive production systems. A field of application of Photonics for Industry 4.0 is, for example, laser processing, where the development of new optical sources is allowing the widespread diffusion of this technology in the manufacturing sector. Similarly, optical sensors in monitoring systems are useful in predictive diagnostics and in the internet of things. 

The workshop targets European companies as end users of photonic technologies. It will bring together experts at European level in the field of photonics, laser technology, mechanical processing and industrial technologies to discuss the opportunities for innovation that photonic technologies, such as high power lasers, optical sensors and data networks, can lead to production systems and mechanical processes and their applications in key regional, national and European manufacturing sectors. 

It will provide a networking opportunity for industry and academic interests, end-users and suppliers, as well as analysts, private and public investors.



  • Laser technologies for manufacturing

  • Photonics systems for industrial production and quality control

  • Photonics in the Factory of the Future


"light in action"

international day of light on the 16th of may, 2018

The platform Photonics Austria organized a series of lectures with renowned Austrian Photonics Companies and experts in cooperation with the bmvit on the occasion of the international day of light on the 16th of May 2018 to offer a broad audience insights into the exciting future technology Photonics.


In the event hall of the Bundesamtsgebäude in Vienna interesting findings on different topics were presented. For example:

  • Lasertechnology in space flight
  • Quantumtechnology
  • Qualitymanagement for 3D prints
  • Colored Photons: a new generation of chips
  • Optical sensors of our future
  • Light radio technology and glas fibre technology
  • Metamaterials
  • The future of lighting beyond LED


Besides an exciting framework program with experiments and demonstrations there was the possibility to interchange and network with leading experts on this technological area during the breaks.


The bmvit and Photonics Austria are pleased about the huge interest for this event and look back on a well visited and successful event.

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