Cluster Excellence in Photonics for Industrial Modernisation

The overall goal of the Photonics4Industry partnership was to strengthen cluster management excellence, create exchange opportunities and build a sustainable pan-European strategic partnership in the photonics sector. 

Overview - Delegation Trips 2023

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Project Partner



Visit in Lannion in Conjunction with the PhD Day Event

Photonics Bretagne

19.-20. January 2023


EPIC Annual General Meeting 2023


19.-30. March 2023


International Day of Light

Photonics Austria

15.-17. May 2023


Optics and Photonics Days OPD2023 in Joensuu

Photonics Finland

30. May – 01. June 2023


Laser World of Photonics

Photonics BW

27.-30. June 2023


Conférence PLI – Laser Processes for Industry

Photonics Bretagne

27. September 2023


 Travel grant of EUR 450,00 available for members! For more information please contact

Photonics Austria - Photonics4Industry

Delegation Trip

15 - 17 May 2023

Insight P4I Delegation Trip 2023

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Why is this trip worthwhile for you?

  • Extensive networking opportunities are open through various formats.
  • A lively & interesting program as well as professional impulses await you.
  • Professional exchange is guaranteed.
  • A nice social program will round off your trip.
  • Due to possible travel and hotel allowances, your costs will be kept to a minimum.

Travel grants of 450€ awarded for this trip!

After successful registration, Alexandra from the photonics austria team will contact you for further organisational matters.

The registration deadline has already ended.

Hotel contingent

May 15-16:  Hotel MOTEL ONE Vienna

  • Elisabethstraße 5, 1010 Wien
  • Single room: EUR 122,08 / Double room: EUR 142,59 / Breakfast: EUR 15.90

  • Free cancellation until 3 days before arrival

May 16- 17: Cityhotel “Zur goldenen Krone”, Weiz 

  • Südtiroler Platz 4, 8160 Weiz
  • Single room: EUR 78,50 (incl. breakfast)
  • Free cancellation until 14 days before arrival

May 16- 17: Hotel-Restaurant “Allmer”, Weiz 

  • Wegscheide 7, 8160 Weiz
  • Single room: EUR 81,50 (incl. breakfast)
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Important notes

All presented activities & meals are free of charge. However, participants have to cover their own travel & hotel expenses. Additionally there is a travel grant of EUR 450,00 available for members of ECCP clustersCheck if you are eligible or ask our team to do it for you!

Project P4I Overview


Cluster Excellence in Photonics for Industrial Modernisation

The overall objective of the Photonics4Industry partnership was to strengthen cluster management excellence, create exchange opportunities and build a sustainable pan-European strategic partnership of five photonics clusters to accelerate the modernization of the industry and in particular to improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) among the members.

The project was achieved by developing a joint partnership strategy, improving cluster excellence, developing new services for cluster members, promoting peer learning with the ClusterXchange mobility program and implementing joint business-to-business (B2B) and cluster-to-cluster (C2C) activities. This also included the inclusion of clusters outside the photonics industry, the linking with EU and regional strategies, as well as the development of intelligent specialization and raising awareness of photonics and the new Austrian ecosystem, including its digital platform.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop the necessary skills and initiatives to develop and establish new interregional SME value chains and solutions related to industrial modernization, increase competitiveness and improve international market access for photonics SMEs
  • Further develop the capabilities of cluster managers to support SMEs in industrial transformation and expand the contribution of clusters in this regard
  • Joint service portfolio and joint development of know-how through cooperation between photonics clusters, which will also be extended to industry clusters and other external players.


Photonics4Industry had set itself the task of realizing at least 100 company visits via the ClusterXchange program in at least 5 European countries. At least 12 consortium members should improve their cluster management skills and 250+ SMEs should benefit from 20+ new individual and joint services developed within the project. Together with at least 2 non-photonics clusters and at least 5 established innovation networks, the development of cooperation agreements was one of the objectives.

Project Partners

  • Visoriai Information Technology Park (LT)
  • Photonics Austria (AT)
  • Photonics Bretagne (FR)
  • Photonics BW E.V. (DE)
  • Photonics Finland (FI)


February 2022


24 Months


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