Offers and services

Work priorities, infrastructure and services

Photonics Austria is active in a variety of business areas and also supports organisations by introducing and advertising their products, like, for example, the Photonics Explorer. Furthermore the members of Photonics Austria offer their infrastructure to make special machinery and technologies available and to help develop research projects of associated companies.

Work priorities

  • Contactoffice to support the stakeholders
  • Maintenance and updating of the association homepage
  • Collaborate with others to develop national and international research strategies, -programs and –funding programs
  • Interconnection with european activities
  • Support the positioning of Austria as a research and development location regarding the international field of photonics
  • Maintaining the Austrian stakeholder association in relevant national and international committee and networks
  • Stimulate growth in collaborations of equal and complementary partners in defining future R&D-plans
  • Coordination and bundling of regional activities in Austria to achieve a critical mass for market positioning in the international environment on the one hand and to avoid duplication at the Austrian level on the other
  • Consult members in regard to taking  part in research funding programs
  • Identify strategically important research and development topics and initiate their implementation reaching a consensus of economy and science
  • Development of roadmaps, strategies and programs
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Social Media
  • Website


The partners of the technologies platform Photonics Austria have an impressive infrastructure at their hands to develop, produce and evaluate new technologies and products.

If easy and uncomplicated access to these instalments (machinery, know-how) is what you are looking for, please let us know by sending a short inquiry to:

Upon receiving your request, we will do our best to establish contact between you and the particular partner that can offer the requested service.

Our services for members

Networking - REPRESENTATION OF INTERESTS - Information


  • Networking with photonics experts of Photonics Austria members from business, science and university (association meetings, working group meetings, innovation workshops)

  • Events for networking with other platforms and clusters (Industrie 4.0, Additive Manufacturing Austria, Silicon Alps, Swissphotonics, OptoNet, u.v.m.)

  • Topic-specific networking and brokerage events (Photonics4 series, e.g. Photonics 4 Industrial Production, Photonics 4 Sorting, Photonics 4 Additive Manufactured Products)

Representation of interests

  • Member presentation as well as promotion of photonics in public (events such as the “Day of Light”, brochures about Photonics Austria & members, representation at trade fairs, photonic success stories, and much more)

  • Gathering of national research needs and communication with politics and administration

  • Representation of Austrian interests in Europe in the public-private partnership “photonics21”


  • Prepared information on funding and partner contacts in the field of photonics at the various levels (EU / national / regional)

  • Summary of current activities in the field of photonics (events, publications, technologies and initiatives)

  • Specialist groups on specific topics in photonics (e.g. ALPIN – Austrian Laser Production Network)

Photonics Explorer

Experimenting box for optics

The Photonics Explorer offers a variety of experiments to students of all ages. These experiments encourage self-studying the basics of optics and photonics and offer a first impression of scientific work. Topics included are diffraction, lenses, colour spectra and polarization.


One part of the photonics explorer is class preparation for teachers to integrate any experiments with low work effort. Additionally the technical components needed to execute the experiments are also included:

  • 10 aluminum mirrors
  • 10 colourfilters (red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, magenta)
  • 10 LED-modules for red, green and blue light
  • 10 sets of lenses with a focal lengths of -30 mm, +30 mm and +150 mm
  • 20 polarizers
  • 5m of optical fiber
  • 10 eye-safe lasers
  • 10 optical grids
  • 10 single and double slit foils for optical diffraction experiments


The supplied components are meant to be used for a class of up to 30 students, working together in groups of 3, as studies during the development of the course showed the best results with this group size. The following topics are covered in the Photonics Explorer:

  • Light transmission and light in telecommunication
  • Colours
  • Lenses and telescopes
  • Human eye and eyesight
  • Light emission (including lasers)
  • Polarization and biophotonics
  • Diffraction and interference
  • Working field of a scientist

For additional details on each module please follow these links:

Seminars for teachers

An integral part of our concept is the instruction of teaching personnel, which will take place over iRv Fortbildungsveranstaltungen. For any requests regarding the Photonics Explorer or the corresponding seminar please contact the office of Photonics Austria.

Local associated partner

Photonics Austria is the local associated partner for distribution of Photonics Explorer experiment sets in Austria.