promoting photonic technologies in Europe

Photonics4All is a European Outreach project, funded by the European Commission to promote photonics and light based technologies to young people, entrepreneurs and the general public across the EU.


Within the framework of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015) proclaimed by the United Nations, Photonics4all will mainly improve the public image of photonics and increase the public awareness of the importance of photonics, especially regarding current societal challenges. Strong and broad European collaborations (European cluster activities) will increase the interest of young people, entrepreneurs, and the general public, thereby ensuring the fulfillment of future needs for a qualified workforce and young academics, more innovative applications, and an increased awareness of photonics. This program is also expected to push innovative applications through the “Valley of Death” and thereby create a more sustainable future for the photonics market.


The idea of Photonics4all is to promote photonics using many tools to address young people (pupils and students), entrepreneurs (start-ups, Ph.D.-candidates, academics, and companies), and the general public. These tools will be developed and implemented through many promotional activities to be conducted during the project. Thus, the unique focus of Photonics4all is to develop new promotional tools and to perform various outreach activities.


The main goal is to stimulate interest in photonic technologies among the mentioned target groups in many European countries, in order to achieve an EU-wide outreach. This outreach for promoting photonics to these target groups can be achieved by increasing the awareness and recognition of photonics, as well as its indispensable contribution in countless applications and important role in many current technologies.


Finally, Photonics4all’s vision is to foster an environment in which the term “photonics” enjoys the same familiarity and public awareness as other technical fields (e.g., electronics or mechanics).


In the framework of the project Photonics Austria has organized the "Boot Camp" for Photonics Entrepreneurs.



Project duration: January 2015 – December 2016

Participating countries: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Slowakia, Spain