photonics explorer - experimental kit light

The Photonics Explorer offers students of all age groups a wide and exciting contingent of experiments to experience the basic principles of optics and photonics and scientific work by explorative learning.

Treated themes are for example lenses, colours, diffraction or polarisation.


The Photonics Explorer consists on the one hand of lesson preperations for educationists to integrate the experiments with as less effort as possible into the classes. On the other hand there are technical components which are needed for the execution of the experiments:

  • 10 aluminium mirrors
  • 10 colour filter stes (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow)
  • 10 LED-Modules for red, green and blue light
  • 10 lens sets with focal distances of - 30 mm, + 30 mm as well as + 150 mm
  • 20 polarisation filters
  • 5 m fibre optics
  • 10 eye-friendly lasers
  • 10 optical grids
  • 10 foils with crack and double crack for optical deflection experiments


The material is prepared for groups up to 30 students and assumes that the students work in groups of three as studies during the development have shown that the learning succes is the greatest in groups of three. Contentwise the Photonics Explorer covers following topics:

  • light signals light in telecommunications
  • colours
  • lenses and telescopes
  • vision and the eye
  • light generation (inclusive lasers)
  • polarisation and bio photnics
  • deflection and interferences
  • the job of the scientist

A detailed describtion of the individual modules can be found here:

further education for teachers

An integral part of the concept which forms the basis of the photonics explorer is an appropriate briefing of the teachers which is generally held by the college of education. The contact for the delivery of the kit as well as for the organisation of workshops is Photonics Austria.

local associated partner

Photonics Austria is the Local Associated Partner for the distribution of the Photonics Explorer experimental kit in Austria.