The European Photonics Career Launch path





24 Months

Project Management ICFO (ES), Photonics Austria (AT), Max Born Institute (DE), Politecnico di Milano (IT), Institute d‘ Optique (FR), International Laser Centre (SL), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (BE), Delft University of Technology (NL), Photonics Sweden (SE), Southern European Cluster in Photonics and Optics (ES), SwissPhotonics (CH)


Project content:

The CARLA project focuses on the development and implementation of replicable photonics career camps that encourage MINT students and young researchers to pursue a career in photonics. As a first step, a needs assessment will be carried out in order to examine the academic education in the MINT subjects for qualification gaps and possible additions with regard to photonics and innovation. One focus of the project will be to work with companies to show students possible career paths in photonics on the one hand, and to improve students' employability as new employees in the photonics industry on the other. A separate working group will be dedicated to increasing the proportion of women in photonics.

The Austrian career camp is expected to take place in Graz in September 2021. Through the Photonics Austria network, students from all over Austria will participate, but invitations will also be sent out internationally with a focus on Italy, Slovenia and Hungary. The camp will be held over two whole days and will have a modular structure. While the contents of the modules will only be fixed in the course of the project according to the needs analysis, the thematic focuses have already been defined. The focus will be on a scientific approach as well as opportunities for networking and matchmaking between students and companies. Last but not least, practical tasks will support the students' ability to innovate and to work in a team. Lectures, discussions, workshops, training courses and networking sessions will be methodically combined.

• 11 Carrier Camps
• 1.375 participating students
• Linkedin-Network >1.000 Members
• 150.000 students contacted


Opportunities for companies:
- Input for trainings & additional qualifications of the Europe-wide CARLA-Camps
- Attracting the attention of 1,375 MINT students and post-docs to the company
- Cooperation with the Working Group "Education" Photonics Austria - 7 FHs and universities, 4 non-university research institutions
- Showing attention to photonics in general and the relevance in the company
- Provision of a free stand at CARLA camps in 10 countries
- Seeing students in action to assess their potential as future employees
- Contact and publication of job offers in the CARLA-LinkedIn network


Participation company:
- Participation in 1-2 workshops for the analysis of training gaps or supplements
- Provision of information on photonic job profiles in the company
- 1-2 days representation at the CARLA-Camp Austria (lecturer or booth)
- Sponsoring for a Carrier Camp (optional)