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Photonics Austria and the partners of the technology platform offer you access to a wide range of infrastructure regarding development, production and evaluation of new technologies and products.

Photonics explorer

The Photonics Explorer offers students of all age groups a wide and exciting contingent of experiments to experience the basic principles of optics and photonics and scientific work by explorative learning.

Current Projects

Phorsch! – Photonics for schools!

Phorsch! – Photonics for schools! – enables students to experience photonics, the technology of light, via exploratory learning.


Photonics, a key enabling technology (KET) of the 21st century, can be found in all kinds of applications throughout different fields of expertise, like information and communication technology (ICT), lighting and displays as well as in laser production and sensor industries.



Funded by the FFG – the Austrian Research Promotion Agency – and lead by Graz University of Technology, Phorsch! is going to implement eight interactive workshops in three provinces, supported by industry and academia, namely ams AG, Photonics Austria, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien and University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg.

Direct contact with researchers will inspire students of all ages - primary school to high school – to strive for exciting careers, with great job prospects, in science and technology.


The “Photonics Explorer” kit offers a set of practical experiments, which create curiosity for the role of photonics in every day applications like smartphones. Specifically designed workshops, with technology provided by project partner ams AG, help students understand complex high tech applications, in a fun way.


Alongside with workshops for students, another key point of the project is the “train-the-trainer” initiative which provides educators with the necessary skillset to integrate photonic experiments into their lesson plans. They will be introduced to the “Photonics Explorer” kit, which contains already all necessary equipment and instructions for a fascinating experience.


Phorsch! offers external educators an opportunity to be a part of the project by funding creative and innovative photonic projects via cooperation grants within the framework of “Talente regional”.


Cooperation grants


The CARLA project focuses on the development and implementation of replicable photonics career camps that encourage MINT students and young researchers to pursue a career in photonics. One focus of the project is the cooperation with companies to present possible career paths in photonics to students on the one hand and to improve the employability of students as new employees in the photonics industry on the other hand. A separate working group will be dedicated to increasing the proportion of women in photonics.


From Helsinki to Barcelona start-ups have stimulated the European economy with fresh and brilliant ideas in the past years. However, entering the market and growing business in Europe still remains challenging for start-ups. The European project Scale-EUp2 responds to this challenge with the launch of a business accelerator programme, tailored specifically to start-ups seeking to gain greater visibility and expand their business in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).


Scale-EUp2’svision is to promote “deeptech for good” by helping start-ups to capture the market in the sectors “Smart Cities”, “Smart Mobility”, “Industry 4.0” and “Smart Health”. To this end, Scale-EUp2 will establish 4 inter-connected European accelerator hubs in the regions of the Scale-EUp2 partners. The aim is to identify a minimum of 200 high-potential start-ups active in different IoT sectors, connect them to relevant European stakeholders and help them to join innovation projects. The hubs will also deliver hands-on advice on financing and funding opportunities and recruiting. An overarching goal being the connection of the European start-up community, Scale-Eup2 moreover will carry out entrepreneurship contests during six selected start-up-events.

Eight partners from four European countries participate in Scale-Eup2.


Startup Europe Ambassadors


As a follow-up project of EuroPho21 NextPho21 aims to support production, employment creation and added value in the area of Photonics in Europe through various activities.

funding opportunities h2020

H2020 offers funding opportunites for Photonics. A current list of calls for 2018-2020 can be found here:

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