LaserHybrid welding is an innovative interconnection between the laser welding process and the MSG welding process. Thereby a new procedure arises which combines the advantages of both processes. The LaserHybrid process convinces on the one side because of a good gap bridging of the MIG-/MAG welding and on the other side with the advantages of the laser welding like a high energy density which allows a high welding depth and a high joining speed.

As soon as the laser beam hits the surface of the component, he heats the corresponding area to evaporating temperature. The result is a vapour capillary with the desired effect of a deep, narrow penetration. In the LaserHybrid process the need of expensive laser energy is nearly exclusively restricted to the so called deep welding effect which also allows the assembling of thicker steel sheets. The rest of the energy demand covers the cost-efficient MSG process which offers a better gap bridging due to his melting electrons and better tolerance compatibility. Both partial processes concentrate their energy on the same process zone and therefore the welding depth and welding speed increases significantly compared to the individual processes.

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