Are you a postgraduate student studying photonics with an idea for a new business?


Are you thinking of starting your own company?


Are you interested in innovation and entrepreneurship?


2nd Entrepreneurial boot camp: 14-16 September 2016, Vienna University of Economics and Business

  • You will push your self-confidence and self-belief so that you begin to apply entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to create new ventures!
  • You will gain the motivation and focus to build a successful business and create opportunities for yourself!
  • You will be working in teams, interacting with likeminded people who will provide simulating business tasks to work on real ideas in creative and relevant ways.



Testimonials from 2015

"Thanks for organising a fantastic couple of days. It was really useful for me to learn some new techniques that I was completely unaware of prior to the bootcamp and I will definitely be utilizing them once I begin working on the commercialisation project in March. I particularly enjoyed the guest speakers talks who gave great talks on first hand experiences in setting up new businesses in the area of photonics." James Waterfield, UK

"The course was easy to follow for everyone, even people with no experience in business. The experience of other participants and speakers was also very significant to realise the problems they actually found. Because we were a small group, it was simple to talk and interact with everybody thanks to the role playing-games and team-working time (and of course, social events :D ). Thank you for putting in so much effort and make us participants of this outstanding experience! :)" Gloria Mico Cabanes, Spain

A new startup

Christos Klamouris, participant of the first photonics boot camp in 2015, has recently founded his own startup with the optowind-technology:

"The experience was fruitful, although I personally had already some marketing background. I also learned from my participation that I need to do my homework with my business model, in order to make it more attractive to potential investors. Thank you very much for your support during the event." Christos Klamouris, Germany




Day 1 (1pm-7.30pm): Goals and Values

The focus is on you:

  • Getting to know you
  • Your research impact

Day 2 (9am-7.30pm): Entrepreneurship & Innovation Principles

During this workshop participants will learn

  • what does it mean to start a company
  • typical patterns of entrepreneurial processes
  • what a business opportunity is, how to systematically identify and evaluate them
  • how to develop and enrich a business opportunity via a structured process
  • how to improve the ability to understand who your customers are, what they want, and what they will pay for
  • how to position a product/service in the market in a more targeted way

Day 2 will close with a Founders Talk: startup founders will share their entrepreneurial stories and experiences with the group.

Day 3 (9am-3pm): Business Model Design

During this workshop the participants will learn

  • what the components of a successful business model are
  • what different kinds of business models exist
  • how to iteratively develop and enrich a business model
  • how to evaluate a company’s potential prospects, strengths, weaknesses and risk factors

All workshop days are designed very interactively. Participants will have the opportunity to work on their own ideas/technologies.




Dr. Rudolf Dömötör, Vienna University of Economics and Business (Entrepreneurship Center Network)
Web: /

Ulrich Trog, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Innovation Management and Marketing, Coach


Costs for the Boot Camp are covered by the European Project Photonics4All.
Some funding for the accommodation will be available as well.


For your application send your CV and a letter outlining your interest in Photonics and the bootcamp to: