Photonische Erfolgsgeschichten Made in Austria

Österreich kann einer reiche Zahl unterschiedlichster Erfolgsgeschichten im Bereich Photonik herzeigen. Diese reichen von kleinen Startup-Unternehmen bis zu großen Projekten.

Quantum Cryptography

An Austrian research effort paves the way for seamless integration of Quantum Cryptography (QKD) into existing classical communication networks. The collaboration, existing of AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, TU Vienna and the IT company Bechtle Austria (formerly Sitexs-Databusiness IT-Solutions) demonstrated an actual integration of a data link secured by Quantum Cryptography inside a classical DWDM network. During the FFG found project “QKD-Telco”, the researchers built a QKD prototype that creates secure keys between to communication parties. The novelty of the system is that all communication traffic (quantum and classical signal) is sent over a single optical fiber only.


New world record for data transmission over commercial off-the-shelf light emitting diodes

An astonishing percentage of about 90% of all the bits transported through the internet are conveyed over light-based communication links, reaching from antenna sites of mobile networks towards data centers anchored deeply within the worldwide communication infrastructure - and soon within in-house environments.


Laser Ignition System for European Space Vehicles

Following successful bench testing, the Austrian CTR Carinthian Tech Research is working on a laser ignition system for use in space based on their HiPoLas® laser system. Funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) the laser ignition system could be used in the Ariane 6 launch vehicle currently under development by German-French company Airbus Safran Launchers.

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New laser display technology enabling glasses-free 3D outdoor displays

TriLite Technologies introduces a new laser display technology enabling glasses-free 3D outdoor displays and a new ultra-small RGB laser module for use in pico projectors.

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LaserHybrid by Fronius

Fronius LaserHybrid, das Laser-MIG-Verfahren von Fronius, kombiniert die Vorteile der im industriellen Maßstab eingesetzten MIG- und Laserstrahl-Schweißprozesse. Und dies, ohne die jeweiligen Nachteile der Verfahren zu übernehmen.

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Unpredictable random numbers for absolutely secure encryption

Rolling the dice 300 million times per second – thanks to quantum physics and photonics


Researchers at the Austrian Institute of Technology investigate cost efficient technologies for the fast generation of random numbers that are unpredictable.



Gigabit for everyone!

Every second more than 10 trillion optical pulses are transferred via optical fibres as thin as a hair for more than 10000 kilometres. Photonics makes it happen.



Shorter waves for a higher data rates

Austrian researchers pave the way for novel chip technology enabling the fifth generation of mobile communications - 5G.

A consortium of researchers around the Austrian Institute of Technology aims to disruptively increase the radio carrier frequency while seamlessly merging photonic and electronic chip elements.